AJP Response Statement

The Association of Jewish Psychologists (AJP) wishes to clarify who we are, as misinformation about our mission and purpose has been disseminated. We prefer to define ourselves rather than to be defined by others. AJP is a not-for-profit, international organization, with nearly 1,000 members to date, that has opened its doors to non-Jews as well

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Jewish Guilt

Have you ever wondered, from a scientific viewpoint, why Jews feel so guilty? In this article, Simon Dein explores the origins of Jewish guilt. The Origins of Jewish Guilt: Psychological, Theological, and Cultural Perspectives SIMON DEIN Department of Mental Health Sciences, University College London, London, United Kingdom The idea that guilt and Judaism are closely

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AJP and EDI Statement

The statement was approved by the Board of Directors of AJP in light of recent criticism and accusations made against AJP. After little over a year AJP has over 950 members and the list keeps growing every day. AJP members have a wide range of opinions on many topics, but our members share support for

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Book Review

Still waiting for members to send me reviews of books they’ve read recently that may have to do with Jewish themes or content. Please don’t be shy. I wrote this review back in 2021. Seems like a whole lot in the world has changed since then. What Tuvia saw in Europe then is a lot

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Opinion Piece

In this newsletter, we occasionally publish opinion pieces. These pieces are not official positions of AJP, the Board of AJP, or of Schmooze, the newsletter of AJP. We believe in giving our members a voice and opportunity to express their views as we are a diverse community. Members are welcome to respond to the views

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Jewish Humor

The Jews of Chelm. You may be familiar with the Jews of Chelm. It was a real town in Poland where the leading intellectuals weren’t really considered to be smartest ones in the room. Here’s a typical Chelm joke: Two men of Chelm went out for a walk when suddenly it began to rain. “Quick,”

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Call for the first Psychology of Antisemitism Grant Proposals

We are pleased to announce that the first Psychology of Antisemitism Grant will be awarded in early Fall. The description of the grant is: ” The Psychology of Antisemitism Grant supports annual grants to applicants who design, develop, or implement programs or research projects that aim to reduce antisemitism or mitigate its effects.” We urge

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