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Schmooze Vol. 1 Issue 2: Letters to the editor

Congrats on the excellent newsletter. 

I am writing in support of the Association’s response to the awful letter of non-support by APA.  Thanks to the board for composing it and you for including it

Alan Entin, PhD, ABPP


Your overly nuanced message neglected to mention the well-documented, irrefutable use of the systematic use of rape as part of the Hamas atrocities. It’s bad enough the #metoo movement and other recognized women’s groups did not acknowledge this (#metoo unless you’re a Jew). And your message does not acknowledge the participation of many ordinary Gazans who worked for the Israel kibbutzim that participated in these atrocities (and were also heavily credited for providing the intelligence for informing the terrorists where to find safe rooms and other such vital information). This is akin to, in my mind, the population of Poland and others all over Hitler’s Germany doing their part to kill Jews, outlined cogently in the book Hitler’s Willing Executioners by Daniel Jonah Goldhagen.

Just wanted you to know that I noticed this.

Ironically, I have said my entire career the term “it depends on the context.” To hear that in that context, from the President of Harvard, was a sickening revelation of the hypocrisy and capacity to be morally indifferent but honest about hating Jews. It was a Macroaggression.

I also think it’s problematic to question the use of humor at any time, but the little I saw was great. 

The first recorded use of humor was in the form of sarcasm when the Jews panicked upon seeing the Egyptians pursuing them, while being trapped by the Red Sea, “are there not enough graves in Egypt?” 

Please more humor. 

PS: keep up the good work!

Jeffrey C. Singer, PhD.

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