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Schmooze Vol. 1 Issue. 2: Editor’s Note

Welcome to Issue number 2 of our Newsletter Schmooze.  Thank you for the great feedback on our first issue. We even received some letters to the editor (see below) – keep them coming.

It’s hard to believe how much AJP has accomplished in a little over 9 months. If you attended our first town hall – there were about 110 people  – you’ll have heard some of the whirlwind of activities that have been happening. We’re currently over 500 members strong and growing every day.

There are too many activities for me to highlight here, but I will be including reports from our various committees in Schmooze to keep you informed about some of them. There are many opportunities for members to get involved. Just send a note to committee chairs or to our executive or board members.

Check out our support groups, research committee, education committee, media committee, and a new study group that we’re honored to offer with well-known psychologist scholar Dr. Daniel Burston. See below for details.

AJP has a team of us currently surveying the extent of antisemitism being experienced and their psychological effects on students at campuses across the US and Canada. We believe it will be the first comprehensive study looking at the relationship between antisemitic acts and mental health issues in students post October 7. We have several partners working with us, and a report will be released when we’ve completed our data analysis and conclusions. Stay tuned.

We continue to raise funds for research on antisemitism through the American Psychological Foundation. There will be parlour meetings throughout the country to help raise awareness and fund raise.

Also, as you can imagine, it takes a village to run a Jewish organization. A village needs infrastructure, electricity, water, support systems, and more to be sustainable. Our village has been running on a shoestring, thanks to the dedicated Board members that have stepped up, contributing time and resources to keep the lights on. So, with that in mind, we will soon be offering you the opportunity to contribute through our very modest fee structure for membership. Believe me, writing a check (or credit card) to AJP will not only be good for our community, but it will also make you feel good too. L’chaim.


I’m looking to include a bit of Jewish humour with each issue of Schmooze. Please send me any jokes if you have any. Jokes about Jewish psychologists are especially welcome.

Also, feel free to send me articles or points of views on topics relevant to our group, our mission, or our members.


By Steven J. Stein

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