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Schmooze Vol. 1 Issue 2: New Group on History of Antisemitism

We are pleased to announce this new series to be offered by Daniel Burston:

Many Jewish psychologists may not know that there is a great deal of literature on religious (mostly Christian) antisemitism from the late 1960s onwards, and Right wing (racially charged) antisemitism in the mental health professions dating back to the 1940s. While we most certainly need new and compelling studies using methodologies that are familiar to psychologists to address contemporary social realities, we can learn a lot from those literatures, and should try to avoid reinventing the wheel. 

Furthermore, there is some excellent work on antisemitism from allied disciplines – sociology, political science, history – that psychologists can and should be familiar with (in my opinion, anyway.)

That being so, I will be starting a regular reading group/book club to read and reflect on materials produced by non-psychologists who have much to teach us, and to inform AJP members of seminars currently being run by groups of non-psychologists – e.g. ISCU, AEN, NECA, the London Center for Studies of Antisemitism, etc. 

I’m looking for a tech savvy co-host to help.

Depending on the level of enthusiasm and engagement, we could meet at least once a month from September to May, and perhaps once or twice from June through August, reading and discussing one article or book chapter per meeting.

From February till May we will meet on the 2nd or 3rd Sunday of every month at 3 pm EST. We will start with manageable-sized articles, but if the piloting is successful, we’ll graduate to short books in September.  If there is enough interest/demand, I will also happily consider meeting 2X a month at that point, which will permit us to take on larger, more scholarly books if people wish to.

Please add your name and information to the sign up sheet to be added to the AJP Study Group.

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