Schmooze Vol. 1 Issue 3: Kesher:
Journal of the Association of Jewish Psychologists

Daniel Burston, Ph.D., Editor-in-Chief

We are pleased to announce a new journal entitled Kesher, after the Hebrew word for connection and connectivity. Our mission is to establish and maintain meaningful bonds between Jewish psychologists and psychotherapists across state and national boundaries, and between Jewish psychologists (and graduate students) and their non-Jewish allies. To that end we will explore the varieties of Jewish history and identity, address and combat antisemitism on and off campus. We cherish democratic norms and values, welcome viewpoint diversity, rigorous scholarship and research, and seek to expand our individual and collective horizons by exploring Jewish themed art, literature, poetry, music, dance and cinema. All new research on clinical, social, personality and/or developmental psychology will be subject to a rigorous process of peer review by qualified experts.  However, we will also publish lively book and movie reviews, interviews with contemporary theorists, activists and sages, portraits of pioneers in the history discipline, and more. 

Our first issue will appear this Fall (2024), and subsequent issues will appear quarterly. Please direct any inquiries or potential submissions to

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