Schmooze Vol. 1 Issue 3:
Book Review

People Love Dead Jews: Reports from a Haunted Present by Dara Horn | Steven Stein Review

With the recent escalation of antisemitism around the world, author and literary scholar Dara Horn, who wrote People Love Dead Jews, has been once again popping up all over the place giving interviews and presentations. She explains this phenomenon through a historical lens, and there is much that psychologists can glean from her research. 

Several years ago, when her book was still new, I wrote a review of it for the Canadian Antisemitism Education Foundation (CAEF). It seems even more relevant in our post October 7 world.

Review People Love Dead Jews: 

From Novelist to Essayist, Passing through History by Steven Stein

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Several years ago, I went with some of my family members to Poland to explore our roots. We visited towns where our families came from – Rachov (Anapol), Ostrowiec, Drilge (Ilza), and Chmielnik. We made some arrangements in advance and were interested in reviewing family records that existed – births, deaths, marriages, etc.

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