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Schmooze Vol. 1 Issue 2: AJP- Education Committee

Ester (Esti) Cole, Committee Chair

As a flourishing new organization, AJP has the advantage of building a novel psychology entity for its members. Within this context, its Mission statement has been guiding all Board and Committee undertakings from its inception. Although the tragic and unspeakable events of October 7th, 2023 continue to impact our ongoing program initiatives and advocacy consultations, the Education Committee has a broad mandate that focuses on evidence-based projects embedded with a Jewish lens in primary, secondary, and tertiary programs on a continuum. 

As Chair, my learning has been enriched along many consultations and support roles. Reciprocal communications with students, Campus Taskforce members, APA leadership, research proposals, collaborative publications and presentations in progress, contributing to our website, provide but a few examples.  Where do we go from here in 2024? Goals and plans include:

  1. Aim to organize more resource links and growing reference lists that may add value to our members (Mental Health service providers, academia, students, those involved in research, training and consultation);
  2. Develop and organize resources/tools & tip sheets by categories that will become user-friendly (for students, parents, educators, Disaster & Trauma Response Network, EDI and Jewish identity; embedding Human Rights and Social Justice training competencies to better understand and help to combat antisemitism). Our aim will also include knowledge-translation posts/ podcasts; 
  3. Videos including interviews with Jewish psychologists and their collaborators will be undertaken and posted. The framework for this plan is to highlight interviewees’ contributions to the field of psychology in various areas of competencies, multidisciplinary consultations for community program supports, and research. 

The Education Committee will be honored to welcome you amongst its members. Should you be interested in joining us, please contact me at

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