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Still waiting for members to send me reviews of books they’ve read recently that may have to do with Jewish themes or content. Please don’t be shy.

I wrote this review back in 2021. Seems like a whole lot in the world has changed since then. What Tuvia saw in Europe then is a lot closer to America now.

The Taming of The Jew By Tuvia Tenenbaum

Review: Antisemitism Denied in England by Steven Stein

If you’ve The Taming of The Jew By Tuvia Tenenbaumnever read one of Tuvia Tenenbaum’s books you’re really missing out on a treat – or should I say a ride, something like a roller coaster ride. You can go from laughter to despair all on the same page. It’s sort of like Borat meets Seinfeld. He has a way of going undercover in unusual ways and places to discover the chilling truth about people’s beliefs. He starts off chatting with strangers about nothing, which somehow, even when you least expect it, turns into a conversation about the Jews, Israel, or both.

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