AJP and EDI Statement

The statement was approved by the Board of Directors of AJP in light of recent criticism and accusations made against AJP. After little over a year AJP has over 950 members and the list keeps growing every day. AJP members have a wide range of opinions on many topics, but our members share support for the Jewish people and Jewish culture. We have the right to be proud of our culture as does any other minority group.

The Association of Jewish Psychologists (AJP) wishes to clarify who we are, as misinformation about our mission and purpose has been disseminated.  We prefer to define ourselves rather than to be defined by others.

AJP is a not-for-profit organization, with over 950 members, that has opened its doors to non-Jews as well as Jews; non-psychologists as well as psychologists. We are diverse in our opinions, our personal and family histories, and, because our Jewish members are part of a “diasporic” population, we represent a variety of cultural and religious subgroups.  Our members care deeply about current international conflicts and the trauma and staggering loss of lives that those conflicts produce. We are profoundly concerned about the scourge of antisemitism and Islamophobia, as well as other forms of hatred, spreading like wildfire around the globe.

As clearly stated in our mission statement, the focus of AJP is on Jewish culture, history, ethnicity, religion, and confronting antisemitism through academic research; informational webinars; support to Jewish groups experiencing antisemitism; and support to other groups and institutions trying to manage explosions of antisemitism and other forms of virulent hatred in their institutional and organizational environments.

AJP advocates for, and is securing the funding of, scientific studies on best practices in promoting the psychological health of Jewish communities and other marginalized communities.  We encourage research on the predictors and consequences of antisemitism and the predictors and consequences of hatred directed at other targeted groups. We approach our work as psychologists (researchers and clinicians), utilizing our knowledge, compassion, and skills in the service of the mental health and wellbeing of the communities we serve and the communities in which we live.

AJP and EDI Statement

The Board of Association of Jewish Psychologists recently endorsed a statement regarding Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion. The statement follows:

March 31, 2024

Equity, Diversity, Inclusion (EDI), as a central framework for psychology, is one of the most critical components of the work that we do, both inside and outside of APA.  As the Association of Jewish Psychologists, we fully endorse EDI, with the inclusion of Jewish voices, experience, and an acknowledgement of antisemitism, and believe that diverse communities, inclusive of the breadth of their systems of education, health, and mental health, enrich us all.  We deeply believe that equitable relationships are the most important kinds of relationships that we must build and sustain.

Throughout each of our personal and professional lives, we have pursued equality and equity of access, positive outcomes, and have built bridges for all people.  As Jews who have known the tragedy of centuries of murderous hatred and expulsions directed against our people, we have advocated and fought for “Tikkun Olam,” (“repairing the world”, and making it a better place); social justice, inclusion, empathy, and respect for all in our global communities.  We have traditionally fought for the right to have civil debate and informed discussion. Our publications model civil discourse and encourage diversity of thought, history, identity, and conversation. As Jewish psychologists, we profoundly appreciate collaborative work and look forward to the inclusion of “Jewish voices” in all of our conversations within Psychology. Through ongoing education and openness in our exchange of information, we continue to learn; to correct misinformation; and to continue facilitating reciprocal and open dialogues and partnerships.

AJP Board of Directors

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