Call for the first Psychology of Antisemitism Grant Proposals

We are pleased to announce that the first Psychology of Antisemitism Grant will be awarded in early Fall.

The description of the grant is:

” The Psychology of Antisemitism Grant supports annual grants to applicants who design, develop, or implement programs or research projects that aim to reduce antisemitism or mitigate its effects.”

We urge you to apply yourself and/or to share this information with colleagues and graduate students who might apply.  The deadline for applications is September 4, 2024.

To apply, go to the American Psychological Foundation website at and click on “Apply for a Grant”. We are hoping to see many exciting proposals.

To help make it possible to give more than one grant annually, please make a contribution to the Fund by going to the APF website home page and clicking on Donate. Once you have entered the amount of your donation, which we hope will be generous because the need couldn’t be greater, scroll down in the “I want to support“ box to Psychology of Antisemitism. That way your contribution will be earmarked for this fund.

Thank you in advance for your applications and contributions.

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