AJP Response Statement

The Association of Jewish Psychologists (AJP) wishes to clarify who we are, as misinformation about our mission and purpose has been disseminated. We prefer to define ourselves rather than to be defined by others.

AJP is a not-for-profit, international organization, with nearly 1,000 members to date, that has opened its doors to non-Jews as well as Jews; non-psychologists as well as psychologists. We actively collaborate with other associations and organizations seeking to address discrimination and hatred in society. We are diverse in our opinions, our personal and family histories, and, because our Jewish members are part of a “diasporic” population, we represent a variety of cultural and religious subgroups.

Our members care deeply about current international conflicts and the trauma and staggering loss of lives that these conflicts produce. We are profoundly concerned about the scourge of antisemitism and Islamophobia, racist attacks on persons of color, indigenous populations, and all marginalized groups. We decry all forms of hatred, spreading like wildfire around the globe.

As clearly put forth in our mission statement, the focus of AJP is on Jewish culture, history, ethnicity, religion, and confronting antisemitism through academic research; informational webinars; support to Jewish children, families and groups experiencing antisemitism; and support to other groups and institutions trying to manage explosions of antisemitism and other forms of virulent hatred in their institutional and organizational environments. As a collaborative association, we actively support the social justice missions of other allied groups.

AJP advocates for, and is securing the funding of, scientific studies to identify best practices and lessons learned in promoting the psychological health of Jewish communities and other marginalized communities. We encourage research on the predictors and consequences of antisemitism and the predictors and consequences of hatred directed at other targeted groups. We approach our work as psychologists (researchers and clinicians), utilizing our knowledge, compassion, and skills in the service of the mental health and wellbeing of the children, families and communities we serve.

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